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Obtaining a San Luis Obispo County Library Card

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Library Card Application

Each borrower must have his/her own library card. Library cards are issued free with proper identification. The card may be used at any Black Gold public library.

Cards for Adults (age 18 and above):

To obtain a library card, fill out and sign an application form and show current personal photo identification with a local San Luis Obispo County address verification to the staff at the time of registration. If the photo ID does not show the current local SLO County address, other proof of a SLO County address is required.

Acceptable forms of identification:

Acceptable forms of address (if San Luis Obispo County address is not on photo identification):

If current SLO County address is not listed on your current photo identification, please bring one of the following documents to verify SLO County address:

Without a current verifiable SLO County address, you must complete a postcard provided and mailed by the SLO County Library to your County residence. Once you receive the postcard, return it to the library to receive full borrowing privileges.

Those using a P.O. Box as their mailing address may be asked to provide a current SLO County physical address on the library card application. Proof of current SLO County physical address may also be required.

Cards for Children & Teens under 18

Parent/legal guardian and child must be present at the library to have a library card issued to the child. Parent/legal guardian signing for child's card may not have a balance of more than $10.00 owed on their library account.

Library customers under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian to register for a library card, and the parent/legal guardian must sign the registration form after showing acceptable identification and proof of address as listed above.

Temporary Cards:

Temporary cards are only issued to adults, age 18 years and older, and are issued for 90 days. To obtain a temporary card, a visitor may show photo identification, current proof of permanent address and verification of a seasonal San Luis Obispo County address. Seasonal is defined as regular, annual residence in San Luis Obispo County of at least 30 days. Temporary cards are limited to check out of five items at any one time. Temporary cards will also provide the user with full digital privileges.

Temporary cards are not issued to persons at County temporary housing such as homeless shelters unless proof can be obtained of residency at temporary housing of at least 30 days. A letter from the assistive housing is required, stating the length of stay.

Lost Cards or Replacement Cards:

For your protection, lost cards must be reported immediately. You are responsible for materials checked out on your card. Until the library is notified of a lost or stolen card, a library card is valid and the card holder is responsible for any lost or overdue materials and fees incurred.

When the lost card belongs to a child under age 18, the parent or legal guardian who signed the library card application is the responsible party.

Card holders must replace the card in person. There may be a $1 charge for each card replacement.

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