Public Computer Rules

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The following rules apply to all SLO County Library public computer workstations:

  1. No more than two people will be allowed at any workstation at the same time.
  2. Time limits have been established for Library workstations. Limits have also been established on the number of times per day any individual may use some workstations or services. Limits may apply whether another user is waiting or not.
  3. Misuse of any library workstation will result in appropriate action, including suspension or loss of your library privileges.
  4. "Misuse" includes but is not limited to:
    • Attempting to or actually damaging computer equipment or software
    • Attempting to or actually altering software configurations or settings
    • Attempting to or actually causing degradation of system performance
    • Attempting to or actually turning off or otherwise rebooting the computer
    • Attempting to or actually installing, downloading, and/or running software not installed by the library staff
    • Attempting to or actually engaging in any illegal act while using the computer including but not limited to a violation of copyright law, software licensing agreement, or defamation (libel or slander) law
    • Engaging in any activity which is in violation of the Library's Rules of Conduct or Internet Use Policy
  5. Printing charge is $.10 per page for black & white prints ( $.50 per page for color prints where available). User is responsible for all printing fees except cases of printer malfunction. Use of "Print Preview" feature is strongly encouraged.
  6. A computer workstation user shall inform a staff member immediately if any problem develops in the use or operation of the computer workstation.
  7. Library staff cannot provide detailed instruction about computer workstation software or the Internet. Volunteer Docents are available at some locations to assist in learning basic computer skills and how to "navigate" the Web. Users should inquire at local branch libraries for specific information about these services.

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