zip books

What is Zip Books?

Zip Books is an innovative alternative to traditional interlibrary loan. You may request a book or an audiobook that is not available through the County of San Luis Obispo Public Libraries to be delivered to your home, free of charge.

Zip Books are shipped through Amazon. To be considered for the service, they must cost no more than $35 (pre-tax). Audiobooks must cost no more than $50 (pre-tax). The publication date must be at least 6 months old.

Determining Eligibility

Zip Books requests will be reviewed by the collection development team. It may be determined that your request can be filled in a different or more efficient way.



Please fill out our Suggest a Purchase/Zip Books form online. You will receive an email regarding your request.



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Zip Books is a partnership between the California State Library and the NorthNet Library System. This project is supported in part by California Library Services Act funds.