County of San Luis Obispo Libraries 2019 - 2022 Strategic Plan





It is our pleasure to present the County of San Luis Obispo Public Libraries’ 2019-2022 Strategic Plan!

The development process for this strategic plan took place between January 2018 and November 2018. The plan was crafted by a team composed of the Library management team; and relied heavily on input gathered through community conversations, community surveys, and workshops involving the entire County of SLO Library staff. During the planning process we heard from thousands of library patrons and community members about their aspirations for their communities, and specifically what they needed from the Library.

Over the next three years staff at all levels of our organization will be working to address the current needs of the library and laying the groundwork for future Library services. Our team identified that we first must make a commitment maintain the core services our community has come to rely on such as children’s and adult programming, focus on early literacy, and offering exceptional customer service. Our team further identified five additional goals that will build off those core services and ensure the library remains a vital part of the civic infrastructure of our community.

Goal 1 – Maintain Core Services
Goal 2 – Reimagine Library Spaces
Goal 3 – Cultivate Innovation & Creativity
Goal 4 – Be a Community Connector
Goal 5 – Deliver Exceptional Service
Goal 6 – Ensure Financial Health

 We invite you to download the entire 2019-2022 Strategic Plan to learn more.

We are incredibly proud of the work that our team achieves, and we are excited to share with you our accomplishments over the coming years. Thank you for your continued support and use of the County of San Luis Obispo Public Libraries.