Frequently Asked Questions


myLIBRO Mobile App

What is myLIBRO?

MyLIBRO is the library catalog mobile app. Download myLIBRO to your device for a convenient way to search the catalog, place holds, and view your library card and account activity.

How do I get started with myLIBRO?

  1. Visit your favorite app store and download myLIBRO
  2. Search for County of San Luis Obispo Public Libraries
  3. Sign in with your library card number and password

What do I need to sign in?

You’ll need your library card number and the password you usually use to sign into your library account online. Forgot your password? Reset your password at any time from the My Account page at or contact staff for assistance

Does myLIBRO have a digital library card?

Yes! Once you’ve signed into the app, tap the icon with the lines in the blue navigation box. You’ll see your card number and barcode. You can use your digital card at any of our service desks and library self-check machines.

How do I add a family member or another card to my myLIBRO app?

From the Home screen swipe left on the blue navigation box and tap Add Library Card.

I did a search using myLIBRO, but I don’t see the book I want.

Make sure you’re searching our entire catalog by selecting All Branches from the dropdown menu at the top of the Search screen. If you’d like to suggest a title, please sign in to the My Account page at to submit the Suggest a Title form. Staff is also happy to help you online or in our branches.

Can I use myLIBRO to search for what’s available in my local library?

Yes! From the Home screen, tap the search icon. Then select your library from the dropdown menu at the top of the Search screen. You can also set your search preference to All Branches to search the entire catalog.

Why can’t I freeze my holds or change my notification preferences in myLIBRO?

MyLIBRO does not offer some features that are available when you sign into your account from our website. To suspend your holds to a later date or ‘thaw’ currently frozen holds, or to change your preferences, sign into the My Account page at or contact staff at your favorite branch.

I don’t see some of my digital checkouts in myLIBRO.

Currently, myLIBRO only shows your Libby/OverDrive checkouts. It does not show Hoopla, Kanopy, or cloudLibrary checkouts.

Can I pay my fines on myLIBRO?

MyLIBRO does not offer this feature. Please sign into the My Account page at to pay your fees and fines.

Tell me more about the myLIBRO Settings screen.

Currently, only the Voice setting is active. We do not offer the Chat or Schedule features at this time.


Where did the music CDs go?

We've moved them to storage to make room for more of our popular collections. But don't worry—you can still place holds on CDs from our catalog

Are you getting rid of music CDs

Because technology is changing and there are so many streaming and downloadable options, we won’t be adding any more music CDs to our collection. We recommend using our free online service Hoopla for access to thousands of titles you can listen to instantly.

Why does Hoopla give me a message that the Library has reached its spending limit?

If you’ve used our on-demand online service Hoopla recently, you may have received this notice. About 18,000 of our library members use Hoopla currently, as you can imagine, this can quickly add up.

While we love offering you a huge variety of instantly available content it's important that we keep our overall collections spending balanced, which means putting daily and monthly limits on Hoopla checkouts.

On those times when our Hoopla fund is temporarily tapped out, we hope you’ll explore our other downloadables on  Libby,  cloudLibrary,  Kanopy,  or  The Shelf.  We think you’ll find something good there, too!

What's Hoopla?

It's the Library's free online music service. Once you sign up with your library card, you can listen from your desktop or download to your device with the free Hoopla app. Everything in Hoopla is on-demand, so you can enjoy your music instantly—there's never a wait.


How can I place holds on library books and materials?

1. Place items on hold using the online library catalog, Click on the Search the Catalog button and place requests.
2. If you need assistance, please call the library to speak to a staff person. Have your library card number ready.
3. You may place up to 20 holds.
4. When you receive notification that your hold is ready for pickup, visit your selected library to pick up your requests.

I have items on hold, and I would like to pick them up at a different library. How do I change my holds pickup location?

You can change the pick-up location to any of our 14 branches in your account online. Go to your holds list and check the box by the items you wish to change the pickup location for, then click the Change Pickup Location button.

How do I know my hold items are ready for me to pick up?

You will receive an email, text or phone notification based on the preference selected in your account.

Can I check items out if I got my card online?

With an online card, you can check out digital materials, but not physical items. To update your online card, please bring identification and go to the information desk at one of the libraries listed above. Let us know you have a digital card and we’ll take it from there.

Can I pick up items on hold for another person ?

Yes. Please bring the library card of the person who requested the hold items and you can pick up their items.

How can I pay a fine on my library account?

We encourage you to contact library staff before paying fines on your account. 

What happens if I accidentally return an item to SLO Libraries that belongs to another library?

We will always send an item back to its owning library, even after we leave the Black Gold Cooperative Library System in July. Please note that it will stay on your account until it’s checked in at the owning library.

Is there a digital library card for my phone?

Yes—You’ll find your digital card (barcode) in two different places:


  • In your online account when you sign into My Account from 
  • In the Library’s mobile app, myLIBRO

Why can't I see my SLO Libraries account and my holds in Libby?

You may still be signed into the Black Gold side. You'll need to add your SLO Libraries card to Libby. Here's how:

  • Tap the icon with the three lines at the bottom of Libby and select Add Library.
  • Enter your zip code
  • TapCounty of San Luis Obispo Public Libraries
  • Tap Sign In With My Card
  • Enter your library card number
  • TapSign In 
  • TapNext
  • Tap the Book iconto go to loans and holds

Download a visual guide

I'm signed into my SLO Libraries account on Libby/OverDrive, but I still don't see my holds.

Some patron holds were affected during our updates. This was unexpected. If you notice something’s not right, please let us know so we can help you manage your holds. If the title you want to place a hold on isn't available, please submit a suggestion for purchase online or recommend it in the OverDrive app. We’ll do our best to get you your eBook or audiobook!

How do I remove Black Gold from my Libby/OverDrive?

If you have anything borrowed from Black Gold on Libby, it will stay there until you've returned the book. It should automatically disappear when you've added your County of SLO Public Libraries card and viewed your account or checked something out. We don't recommend uninstalling/reinstalling the app—That might erase certain tags, lists, or histories.

You can also remove the Black Gold card. Click or tap on the 3 lines at the bottom of the app. Underneath YOUR LIBRARIES you'll see Add Library and 1 Card+, both in red. Click or tap on 1 Card+ to see all your library cards. Choose Black Gold. On the image of the Black Gold card, you’ll see ACTIONS. Click or tap ACTIONS for more options. 

I use Libby/OverDrive on my desktop. Which website should I use?

Your County of SLO Public Libraries card will not work in the Black Gold eBook websites. Use your County of SLO Public Libraries card here:


We suggest bookmarking these links. You can also access these websites from our Digital tab at


Are public computers available?

Some public computers are available at each library. Computers are spaced 6 feet apart, and computer sessions are limited to a one-hour session per day. Mobile printing is available. Chromebooks, Wi-Fi hotspots, and Launchpads are available for checkout.

What safety measures are you taking?

Library staff are following State and County guidelines to ensure safety by maintaining separate workspaces, sanitizing workstations, and wearing masks . The spaces inside the libraries have been adjusted to accommodate distancing; furniture will be arranged with safety in mind.

We are not able to guarantee the safety of shared library materials. During this time, it is recommended that you consult the CDC guidelines on how to protect yourself from exposure to COVID-19, and use our Digital Library if you have any concerns.

Can I donate materials to the Library at this time?

Please check with your local branch.

How was the decision made to leave Black Gold?

After many years of proposing to Black Gold various alternatives in sharing costs more equitably, our requests were always denied. We have the resources, staffing, and funding to better provide for our patrons without relying on Black Gold.

Being part of Black Gold meant I have access to so many titles. How will you make up for the loss to this access?

We hope you will find what you are looking for in our collections. If you do not, please let us know what you are looking for either via a purchase suggestion in your library account, through an email at Ask A Librarian, in person or via telephone. We want to hear what you’re looking for! We may also be able to help you find existing items in our collection that meet your needs.

When you leave Black Gold, will I still be able to use Libby, CloudLibrary and other digital platforms?

Yes. You will still have access to all of our digital platforms. Since we will no longer share Libby with other patrons in Black Gold, for example, you may see that you will not need to wait as long for your item.

When you leave Black Gold, will I need to get a new library card?

If your library card number begins with the digits 2206300 you will not need a new card. If your library card begins with a set of numbers other than these, you will need a new library card. Please contact library staff for assistance.